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Quality Policy
We strictly control the quality of raw materials and can offer inspection certificate of our raw materials. We do manufacturing strictly according to the technological processes. Besides, we carry out sampling inspection for our products. All of our workers have done relevant quality management training so that the quality of products can be ensured.

Our goal is to offer the best solution for our customers, supply high quality products and give good services with reasonable price. We sincerely hope to cooperate with worldwide customers for mutual success.

Quality Policy of the Company is based on the following basic fundamentals : -
Customers Satisfaction
Excellent Quality
Continuous Improvement
Timely Delivery
mpetitive Price
Quality Assurance Systems :
of the company is based on the following basic fundamentals: - — The central laboratory situated inside the Factory maintains a high standard of testing procedures in conformity with National & International specifications & to investigate failure of there products, if any, at users end. — The laboratory has a system of maintaining the time period for testing of sample. The tests on the material, samples are performed according  
Raw Material Inspection :
Physical inspection
Chemical composition analysis & selection of material.
Micro- structures at raw material stage & finish stage.
Finished Products Inspection :
Thickness and Width with tolerance
Elongation and Tensile Strength
Hardness and Zinc Coating
Laboratory Equipment Held :
Metallurgical Microscope with photo arrangement.
Universal Tensile Testing Machine.
Hardness Tester.
Muffle Furnace & Chemical analyzer